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A UX/UI design subscription for your GenAI needs.
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Crafting Experiences Tailored to Your User Needs

Optimize your AI Projects with our Subscription-Based Service
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Fulfill all of your UX/UI Design needs with our flat-rate subscription plan
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Quick three-day turnaround
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Commitment to excellence through unlimited revisions
User Interface of integrating AI experience
Integrating AI for richer writing experiences
Elevate your writing platform by merging human creativity with AI's vast potential. Create content that resonates, informs, and stands out
Human-centric designs for your AI assistant
Every AI tool deserves a user interface that speaks its language. We're here to translate.
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A simplied user interface analyzing a writing piece
Make the complex simple and user-friendly
Don't let your AI's genius get lost in translation. Showcase its power with clarity and elegance.

Just a better way to get what you need

Down Right Design replaces inconsistent freelancers and exorbitant agency fees for one affordable monthly subscription, delivering speedy design outputs.
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No meetings, no problem
Say goodbye to unnecessary meetings. We've decided they're officially off the table.
Track with Trello
Effortlessly handle your design process via Trello, tracking active, queued, and finalized tasks
Invite unlimited team members
Invite your entire team, so anyone can submit requests and track their progress.
Membership benefits
Perks so good you'll never need to go anywhere else for your design. Seriously.
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Expertise in creating user experiences for Generative AI applications.
Rapid design delivery
Expertise in creating user experiences for AI-focused applications.
Quality uncompromised
Delivering designs of the highest standards, every time.
Manage with ease
Keep track of your design requests effortlessly.
Hassle-Free Onboarding
Our simple onboarding process ensures you can get started quickly.
Unmatched flexibility
Scale your subscription up, pause or cancel anytime.
Apps, websites, digital design & more.
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UI animations
Digital design
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One request at a time
Pause or cancel anytime
What’s included
• One request at a time
• Average 48-72 hour delivery
• Unlimited brands
• Unlimited users
• Unlimited stock photos
• Easy credit-card payments
• Pause or cancel anytime
Double the requests
Pause or cancel anytime
What’s included
• Two requests at a time
• Average 48-72 hour delivery
• Unlimited brands
• Unlimited users
• Unlimited stock photos
• Easy credit-card payments
• Pause or cancel anytime
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Why subscribe when when I can hire a full-time UX/UI designer?

Good question! The annual salary for a seasoned designer exceeds a whopping $120,000, and finding one who's free can be a wild goose chase. Moreover, your project demands might fluctuate, leading to periods where they're idle while you're still footing their bill. With Down Right Design, you only pay when you need our skills. Our flexible monthly plan allows you to hit pause or press play as per your project requirements.

Are there any caps on my design requests?

Absolutely not! Once you're part of the Down Right Design family, you can pile up as many requests as you want in your queue. We'll tackle them head-on, one at a time.

How quickly can I expect my designs?

In most cases, we get your designs back to you swiftly - within three days, tops (Monday - Friday). However, more intricate requests might need a bit more tender loving care and, consequently, more time.

Who's behind these incredible designs?

Get ready for a pleasant surprise - Down Right Design is a one-person show. That's right, you'll be dealing directly with me, the founder. For power-up requests, I partner with some fantastic designers to ensure you get the best.

What program do you use for designs?

Figma is our go-to platform for most of our design requests.

How do I put in a design request?

At Down Right Design, we aim for convenience. Trello is our tool of choice for managing design requests. You can drop in your requests directly on Trello, link Google docs, wireframes, or even share a Loom video if you're not into typing. Essentially, if it can link up with Trello, we're on board.

What if I don't like the design?

No stress at all! We'll keep fine-tuning it until it matches your vision and leaves you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What if I have only one design request?

Not a problem. You're welcome to pause your subscription once we've fulfilled your request and resume when you're ready for more. We're all about ensuring value for your investment.

What's the refund policy?

Refunds are addressed individually and considered on a case-by-case basis.

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